This very versatile grape variety with its large firm grapes is used to produce a wine with a refreshing dry flavour and unmistakeable floral bouquet, typical of central Italy. This naturally resilient variety does not require many plant protection treatments. It is a versatile and eclectic variety that may be used to produce a varietal wine or used as a blend in other wines such as “Falerio Pecorino”. Passerina is a pleasant fresh grape variety with well structured acidity that is ideal for producing lively fragrant white wines.

Discovering "Offida" Docg

“Offida” Docg refers to three types of wine: “Offida” Pecorino, “Offida” Passerina and “Offida” Red.

The grapes used to produce “Offida” Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin (Docg) wines must come from vineyards located in an area covering 25 Municipalities in Ascoli Piceno and Fermo Provinces. The “Offida” Docg wine production area for Pecorino and Passerina includes the municipal territories of Acquaviva Picena, Appignano del Tronto, Castel di Lama, Castorano, Castignano, Cossignano, Montefiore dell'Aso, Offida and Ripatransone. It also includes a part of the municipal territories of Ascoli Piceno, Colli del Tronto, Campofilone, Carassai, Cupra Marittima, Grottammare, Montalto Marche, Massignano, Monsampolo del Tronto, Montedinove, Monteprandone, Pedaso, Petritoli, Rotella, San Benedetto del Tronto and Spinetoli.

This is an area in Southern Marche between Ascoli Piceno and Fermo Provinces that goes from the Adriatic coastal area to the hillsides. The vineyards are at an altitude of between 50 and 650 metres above sea level.

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The ampelographic base of "Offida" Passerina wines

Passerina: at least 85%; no more than 15% of other non-aromatic white grape varieties, that may be grown in Marche Region, on their own or as a blend, is acceptable.

Characteristics of "Offida" Passerina wines

Straw-yellow with the golden hues, the nose reveals notes of yellow fruit and a hint of citrus, fresh, mineral flavour with persistent aftertaste.

  • Colour: straw-yellow with golden hues
  • Bouquet: pleasing, characteristic
  • Taste: dry, typical, characteristic
  • Total minimum alcoholic content: 11.50% vol.
  • Total minimum acidity: 4.5 g/l
  • Minimum non-reducing extract: 16.0 g/l


The Offida DOCG area has a typically Mediterranean climate, with hot though not sultry summers and fairly cold winters with moderately low rainfall. Averages temperatures in the summer are between 21- 23°C, and in winter about 6-7°C.

These climatic conditions favour growth and the accumulation of polyphenols in the grape skin.

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