The studies and experiments carried out in the 80s by Tenuta Cocci Grifoni and a handful of other far-sighted producers in the Piceno area, predicted that the Passerina grape variety would give excellent results in the production of sparkling wines, vinsanto and passito wines.

Thanks to a high acidic content, Passerino grapes produce a sparkling wine which is immediately pleasing, with a fruity and floral nose and delicately persistent finish. Excellent when paired with raw fish, or served as an all-round wine, sparkling wine produced with Passerina grapes from the Piceno area was recognised as a Doc wine in 2001. As from 2011, the name was changed to Terre di Offida for Passerina sparkling wine, vinsanto and passito wines. [download the production rules]

The best sparkling wines made from Passerina grapes are fresh and supple, complex and delicate on the nose, with delightful “Mediterranean bubbles” of intriguing elegance.


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